Yooo what up guys? It’s Prime ApoLLo you know what I’m sayin’?

I just thought I’d make this “About” page on my website to let some of you get to know me a little.

Thanks Captain Obvious.

I guess I’ll start off when I first got into Hip Hop/Trap music.

In 2014, I was a junior in high-school and I got my first car. A 2006 silver Ford Taurus. That car was wack bro, but I had good times with it.

I always heard my classmates leaving school with bass booming from their car, and I wanted to be obnoxious like them.

But, I didn’t know what kinda music they were playing in their car.

So, I had to do a little research and that’s when I found the song that would change my music taste forever…

Future – Low Life ft. The Weeknd

When I tell you my windows, mirrors, seats, and car doors were shaking, that is an understatement.

I got obsessed with finding hip-hop music with hard 808s after that.

Fast forward to 2017 that’s when I had that “ah ha” moment that someone is making those beats.

I was entering my dorm from a late night with some friends in college, and this guy was making beats at the front desk.

That night I searched on google “music software to make beats.”

I experimented with some of the worst DAW’s known to man.


I found Fl Studio (insert heavenly choir)

And so begins my artist/producer journey

And I’m just getting started…